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Spanish ‘Red Lyra’ Blockchain Consortium foresee a multistakeholder tool

• June 2, 2017

A group of Spanish banks, law firms and corporations have formed a new blockchain consortium. Lyra Network (Red Lyra in spanish) will help companies of different sectors to achieve authentic transactions, smart contracts and identity management. It is the second group effort launched in Spain in recent days, though some of the new members, which […]

Blockchain and EIDAS

• September 10, 2016

The block chain is a series of timestamped data records that link together, through hashing the content of every record concatenated with the previous hash. To create transactions, a hash of the previous transaction is recorded and the public key of the recipient is used by the signer, along with the private key of the […]

OCSP related specifications and details

• May 15, 2015

Technical standards and specification of CRL, OCSP are part of a family of standards for the X.509 (defines a standard certificate format) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Internet. Specifications of the IETF are published on the Internet (so called Request for Comments, RfC). RfCs are the result of long discussions between workgroup members about […]