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OCSP related specifications and details

Technical standards and specification of CRL, OCSP are part of a family of standards for the X.509 (defines a standard certificate format) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Internet.

Specifications of the IETF are published on the Internet (so called Request for Comments, RfC). RfCs are the result of long discussions between workgroup members about a well defined problem. These documents specify an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements.

RfC2560 (IETF specification for OCSP)

This document specifies a protocol useful in determining the current status of a digital certificate without requiring CRLs. An overview of the protocol is provided, functional requirements are specified, more detailed information of the protocol is provided and security issues with the protocol are covered in this RFC.

RfC3280 (obsoletes RfC2459, IETF specification for PKI)

This specification profiles the format and semantics of certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRL) for the Internet PKI. Procedures are described for processing of certification paths in the Internet environment, for identification and encoding of public key materials and digital signatures and encoding rules are provided for popular cryptographic algorithms and procedures.

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