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ARIES project will enhance personal mobile identity management in Europe

Minimizing identity theft by deriving secure virtual identities from official identity and breeder documents and biometric data

Madrid, 2nd October 2016

Atos, an international leader in digital services with expertise on end-to-end security and personal data protection, coordinates a Project Consortium of nine partners for the implementation of the ARIES project.

ARIES stands for reliAble euRopean Identity EcoSystem and is a two and a half-year multi-disciplinary, Research and Innovation Action co-funded by the European Commission under the Fight Against Crime and Terrorism (FCT) theme of the H2020 framework programme.

There are three ways to commit crimes related to Identity: Identity theft, when a criminal uses a real person’s details to impersonate them, usually to gain products or services; Identity fraud, when a criminal uses a stolen or a made up identity – often involving forged documents – to get products or services; and facility takeover fraud, when a fraudster has enough details (like passwords) to bypass security on existing accounts and take them over.

ARIES Project main goal is to deliver a comprehensive framework and holistic approach of technologies, processes and security features for reliable e-identity ecosystem to improve identity, trust and security, and to better support the law enforcement in addressing the new cybersecurity threats while achieving positive, far-reaching socio-economic impacts.

ARIES multi-disciplinary team will address all key legal, ethical, socio-economic, technological and organisational aspects of identity-related crimes in both virtual (i.e. misuse of information, cyber-mobbing) and physical places (i.e. people trafficking, organized crime).

By strengthening the link between trustworthy physical ID documents, online identities and biometric identity, ARIES Project will ensure the highest levels of quality in secure credentials for extremely secure and privacy-respecting physical and virtual identity management.

Data protection best practices will be adopted to provide digital privacy-preserving features.

The objective is the widespread and user-friendly use and adoption of elements ensuring first-class identity assurance, including biometric verification, in order to reduce levels of wrong identity and associated crimes. For that objective, ARIES Project will propose harmonized credential issuance and authentication processes and at the same time mechanisms to allow better law enforcement on identity management, efficient control and threats detection.

Alicia García, Atos Director of Research & Innovation, said: “ARIES Project will support more effective fight against identity theft and identity-related crimes, through better prevention and detection of this kind of crimes. It will also contribute to the Digital Single Market economy and Digital Agenda for Europe by increasing trust and confidence in electronically delivered services”.

The results of ARIES Project will  address three complementary target markets. First,  citizens owning smart devices who wish to use their physical and official identities conveniently and securely. Second, service providers that suffer economical losses derived from identity crimes who can leverage ARIES Project results to minimize the losses amounts or limi tthe impact of identity fraud incidents. Last, ARIES Project proposal of virtual identities and its verification and protection technologies can be deployed in physical access control scenarios, minimizing the need for complex biometric readers.

ARIES Project will demonstrate its outcomes and the levels of identity prevention reduction achieved in two use case demonstrators, secure eCommerce and identity virtualization for secure travel, covering a comprehensive vision of virtual id ecosystem and its practical application.

ARIES Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 700085.

The project started on September the 1st 2016, coordinated by Atos and with relevant partners such as Universidad de Murcia University (Spain), Gemalto SRO (Czech Republic), Morpho (France), Saher UK LTD (United Kingdom), Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire (United Kingdom), Ertzaintza Basque Police (Spain), Belgian Federal Police (Belgium) and Sonae. (Portugal).

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