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Breeder documents as an identity source

Breeder documents are basic documents that an individual needs to present to obtain other documents, such as identity documents, driver’s licenses or passports. Breeder documents include birth certificates and baptismal records.

Breeder documents, notably birth certificates, represent the basic link between an individual and the community where an individual is born and lives, and is the basic documentary proof of  nationality and citizenship.

In most of the world, breeder documents are unsecure documents while they are the basis of the identity of the citizens. This lack of security has led to an inherent flaw in all the processes of identity creation using breeder documents as proof of identity or proof origin.

Dermatoglyphics of the foot of newborn infants (biometric information as a digital file) based in common procedures carried out by hospitals, could be associated to birth records using cryptography to further protect breeder documents.

~ by jinza on July 8, 2016 .

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