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European TSL Trusted-service Status List

European Union Member States have the obligation to establish, maintain and publish trusted lists of qualified trust service providers and the qualified trust services provided by them.

Under the Regulation (EC) No 910/2014/EU (eIDAS Regulation), every Trusted List has a constitutive effect in the sense that a trust service provider and the trust services it provides is qualified once it appears in the Trusted List.

In order to validate advanced e-signatures supported by qualified certificates, a receiving party would first need to check their trustworthiness. This means that the receiving party has to be able to verify whether the signature is an advanced electronic signature supported by a qualified certificate issued by a qualified (that is, supervised) certification service provider as required by eIDAS Regulation. The receiving party may also need to verify whether the signature is supported by a qualified signature creation device.

The TSL semantics is based on ETSI TS 119 612 standard.

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